One of my priorities is to completely switch to using the iPad, for the following reasons:

● Weight: its lightness is for me the main attraction, for this reason, years ago I went from using SLR to using mirrorless.

● Battery life: I get more use time on the iPad than on my Mac because I don’t have a power connection. In addition, by incorporating the use of a power bank I can, and it depends on the capacity of the latter, spend up to four days without electricity and continue working without problems.

● Compatibility: both development and writing applications are optimized for these devices, which allows excellent use of resources.

● Size: I can more comfortably carry an iPad than a computer. This is how I optimize my backpack (bag) also carrying my cameras, lenses, digital development equipment, and word processor.

In a previous article, I talked about the Polarr developing software which I use on my IPad along with Affinity Photo to work with my images. More than anything I dedicate myself to photojournalism and documentary photography, therefore, it is essential for me to write about my work. In search of the best tool, I went through several programs: Note, Page, Word, and Evernote. Some are very heavy, for others you have to pay a lot, others have a complicated interface, or rather, they are not agile in their performance. Until I found Bear a few years ago: an agile, versatile software, adapted to these times, with a considerable price per year, a fast system to search for information, and excellent performance. The only element against that I can say that it has is that it is only available for Apple systems, even if they had put it for the web, it would have been better this way, although I do not lose hope.

Among the benefits of the software I can tell you that:

– You can insert images, texts, and pdf files.
– You can export in PDF, Docx, txt files, or a program in HTML, MD, RTF, or JPG.
– You can password protect your documents, although I noticed that the ones with images don’t.
– You can have the information on how many words, characters, and paragraphs you have written and it gives you the estimated reading time of the document.
– You can duplicate, export, send, copy, and archive. It has a file backup system and in the PRO version, it synchronizes with your other devices through iCloud.
– It works with # through these it generates folders and sub-folders that allow you to work in a more organized way.
– It has the common tools: bold, strikethrough, underline, highlight, list, insert links, and draw. In short, very, very complete and most importantly agile, light.

A bear is an essential tool for my work and my day-to-day life. I recommend that you download the free version, and play with it, you will see what I am talking about and you will be able to check the versatility of this software.

I hope I have helped you, thank you very much for following me and reading my content.

Javier Ramirez-Carril

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