Years ago I decided to get out of the ADOBE monopoly, when I started editing digital photos, I started like everyone else, with LIGHTROOM and PHOTOSHOP, it was what the market indicated, what the masses followed. It didn’t last me long, searching and exploring other alternatives, I found a robust, reliable software, with a more user-friendly interface for my style.

I work with Fuji cameras, Lightroom did not give me an efficient RAW development, Capture One focused on this brand and offered me an excellent option. It’s filed.

Almost from the beginning, it was not necessary for me to go to Photoshop since Capture One offered me all the development alternatives, even working in layers, for what I do there was no need to go to another type of development. Even so, I use Affinity Photo to give the last details, when they are required, I will talk about Affinity Photo in another article.

The software is designed to handle large files and for this reason, it becomes more agile to work with batches of images, a situation that is not the same with Lightroom, it always has a delay when passing the images. The treatment of colors, is much, much more specific than other programs, especially in skin tones.

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