83 Portraits – JUNE 2018


With an uncertain future to come in Venezuela, How to channel the life drives of children and adolescents immersed in a country full of inequities and questions?
46% of the population lives in informal areas more than 90% of the services and infrastructures are located in the planned city In the middle of a scenario with public hospitals completely collapsed as well as abandoned schools with a high dropout rate, two institutions private: the Children Orthopedic Hospital and the Community School Luisa Goiticoa, located in the middle of both social and urban tissues, star in the stories of thousands of children for more than seventy years.

With funds almost entirely private, children are treated on such crucial issues as their health – the fight against childhood paralysis, its aftermath and other 27 specialties – and egalitarian and inclusion education for special children and young people with autism, ADD , Down, and other emotional conditions.

The location of both institutions close to an underground transit station, through a populous neighborhood and forced passage to the neighboring informal areas, makes a reference that brings together a large population of children and adolescents who claim for fair universal accessibility, health, food, education and welfare for all. The possibility of giving a voice to this diverse group of young voices will highlight their claims, opinions and beauty through photography.

The CCScity450 project, currently carries out actions that promote the necessary alliances for the implementation of tactical urbanism, in favor of the transformation and improvement of urban contexts of architectural pieces and landscape with heritage value in the S03 Hospital City sector, They range from the Colegio de Ingenieros station to the Orthopedic Children’s Hospital and the Luisa Goiticoa School.