Inside/Out; Ccs City450;

COEXISTENCE: “60 faces in 60 years”: Community La Cruz celebrates itself” Caracas, 2019

With “60 faces in 60 years” they commemorate 60 years of tenacity and persistence. The founders with time grooves on their faces and families that formed next generations attest the common effort to stay and belong in the neighborhood. The place they built themselves, surrounded by active zones of Caracas that doesn’t always relate to them. Inside Out pictures will be part of one of the components of El Bus TV proposal, which won Project CCSCity450 Comunidades contest in conjunction with Ana Frank’s coexistence Foundation. The central approach of this proposal is to create in La Cruz community a self-manage communication media, offline, hyperlocal, of service, framed inside the solution and performatic journalism trends, that allow their news agenda to keep them informed, make better decisions, build a collective memory and cultivate self-assessment.

One of the edges of the project is to collect life stories together with portraits of neighborhood residents between founders and new generations that have been and still are protagonists and in some cases with their pets, since once they were called “the neighborhood of dogs”. Will serve as an effort gallery of La Cruz people’s solidarity and loyalty. Images will be placed on top of the adjoining church wall that links and separates from another close barrio and is the only access to it. It will become an invitation to cross the invisible frontier that exists around the spontaneous settlements and the rest of the city.